Exascale HPC and HPDA System Support

The overall goal of this work package is to provide knowledge, algorithms, methods and tools for highly efficient data processing and analysis. The scope of the work is to achieve highest possible performance (Exascale computation) as well as efficient and agile data management.  

The work package is divided into six tasks covering specific areas of efficient data processing. The emphasis is on software and hardware aspects, data analytics, visualization and data management with focus on security mechanisms. In particular, the following main goals have been identified:

  • Optimise application kernels and deliver excellence in software development
  • Develop a benchmark methodology to assess the quality and performance of applications
  • Provide guidelines in order to achieve best possible algorithm performance and design approaches to enable highly efficient computation
  • Provide methods and solutions to visualize huge datasets
  • Enhance data analytics capabilities, in particular for the pilot applications
  • Evaluate and deploy methods for data management systems and data analytics methodologies to handle large datasets efficiently
  • Analyse and implement technologies to couple applications and make them work in a common workflow