Awareness Creation and Community Support

The work package on awareness creation and community support is one of the cornerstones to guarantee the project success, given that one of the main goals of HiDALGO is to establish a self-sustaining interface between stakeholders and the products intended to face global challenges. Therefore, it is essential that the results achieved in the project are widely disseminated and constitute the basis of further research across scientific and business-oriented communities. In order to achieve the promised results, a continuous exchange of information and collaborative effort is needed among the entities mentioned above.

The goal is to build a centre for knowledge, experience and expertise within the community at European scale. Its foundation will be a web presence, through which the stakeholders will be able to promote the Centre of Excellence, describing the work carried out and highlighting issues as well as stories of success. It will link to the HiDALGO HPC Portal to be developed in WP5 and will provide showcases for external stakeholders, in order to promote the Centre and to invite them to a close interaction. Due to their high relevance, the dissemination activities started already with the beginning of the project.