Hardware in various environments such as High Performance Computing, the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems has become heterogeneous in order to improve computational performance. Customising the hardware for particular application domains as well as the use of accelerators such as GPUs, TPUs, DSPs, FPGAs is attractive as it can lead to performance improvements of up to three orders of magnitude compared to general-purpose processors.

Robert Elsässer from HiDALGO will give a guest lecture, titled "Spectral methods to compute "eigenvalue histograms" (estimates of eigenvalue frequencies) for graph Laplacians and other LA apps that rely on iterative solvers (e.g in PETCs).", during the Iterative Solvers for Linear Systems course at HLRS on March 8-10, 2021.

HIDALGO researchers presented findings of their studies on „Tackling global challenges with HPC High Performance Computing"

A group of scientists from the EU-funded project HIDALGO collaboratively organised a workshop to discuss pressing issues like the spread of diseases (Covid-19), climate change, air pollution, forced migration, or false and misleading information on twitter and other channels. The speakers showed that HPC, HPDA and Artificial Intelligence could form a pathway to accurately model, simulate, and also to provide forecasts (e.g.

"The HiDALGO project focusses on modelling and simulating the complex processes which arise in connection with major global challenges. The researchers have developed the Flu and Coronavirus Simulator (FACS) with the objective to support decision makers to provide an appropriate response to the current pandemic situation taking into account health and care capabilities...." 

HiDALGO's third newsletter has arrived, check it out here!

Dennis Hoppe from HLRS and Derek Groen from Brunel will give a presentation at SC'20 - the premier conference for supercomputing - on Addressing Global Challenges with HPC and Big Data Technologies on November 17th.

More information can be found at HLRS Schedule and SC'20

Are you looking for help or individual support?

HiDALGO provides a customer support and a community forum for users that want to dive a little deeper or need help while using HiDALGO Technologies in the Global System Science HPC applications. 

The HiDALGO Centre of Excellence makes its products and services easily accessible in a single place: The HiDALGO Customer Portal. The portal introduces complex technologies (HPC, HPDA and AI) and infrastructures with a user-friendly graphical interface to make it easier for non-technical users to get the information and support they are looking for. 

HiDALGO provides several services that are available through the the HiDALGO portal: customer support, a public forum, matchmaking, a public data management system, co-design experiments, and customer training.

Last Wednesday, the HiDALGO mid-term project review took place. Due to the COVID-19 situation, this time round the review was organised as a remote call. It was a long day with many valuable questions from the reviewers who provided a list of fair and important recommendations. The overall feedback was very positive.