1) What is HiDALGO project?

Please check our official about-us page - https://hidalgo-project.eu/about-us

2) What are all the global challenges focused on HiDALGO?

Pilot applications or use-case application are similar terms used within the project to address global challenges with HPC and HPDA technologies. Please check our official use-case applications page - https://hidalgo-project.eu/use-cases. You can find the technical documentation of those use-cases in https://hidalgo-project.eu/reports/wp4. Covid-19 pandemic simulator is one of the recent global challenge addressed within the project to define new public health measures such as lockdown, which is detailed here https://hidalgo-project.eu/node/183.

3) Who all are working on this project?

Please check our official page of the partner institutions and their expertise in https://hidalgo-project.eu/partners 

4) Where I can find the source code and documentation of the project?

We are at the development stage, so the source code is not yet officially released in the public. We will update the web link here, once it is available in the public GIT repository. Some of the partners already disclosed their code online, so you can check the COVID19 tools and libraries in the links - https://github.com/djgroen/covid19-preprocesshttps://github.com/djgroen/facs.

5) Where I can get the architecture and implementation details of HiDALGO tools and technologies?

You can find the detailed architecture and its progress in our reports https://hidalgo-project.eu/reports.

6) Where can I find HiDALGO training and workshop details?

All the events and training activities are updated on the website regularly. You can find the materials of previously conducted courses in https://moodle.hidalgo-project.eu/.