Project Management

The objectives of this work package are of tripartite nature: project coordination, technical management and administrative controlling. The objectives of the project coordination can be summarised as follows:

  • Ensure efficient communication within the consortium
  • Provide a communication interface between the consortium and the European Commission
  • Establish and maintain the project bodies, including risk assessment
  • Manage the consortium on a daily basis as well as resolve potential conflicts

The technical coordination develops and maintains the generic overview of the technical objectives and ensures that the integration of the different results leads to the envisaged product. The following main tasks are executed by the technical management in order to achieve this goal:

  • Technical steering, road mapping and alignment of the developments within the HiDALGO project
  • Conflict resolution and the management of technical aspects
  • Alignment of the technical process to the business goals
  • Technical evaluation of the achievements and the corresponding fulfillment of milestones

The administrative management covers a variety of actions:

  • Ensures the global-oriented direction of the project and controls the financial agendas
  • Reports to the Commission
  • Resolves possible conflicts and monitors organizational aspects
  • Assures the quality of the project results