HiDALGO job submission platform

The HiDALGO Centre of Excellence makes its products and services easily accessible in a single place: The HiDALGO Customer Portal. The portal introduces complex technologies (HPC, HPDA and AI) and infrastructures with a user-friendly graphical interface to make it easier for non-technical users to get the information and support they are looking for. 

It is as simple as submitting a web form: The user has a dedicated dashboard to get all the submitted jobs and its results for further analysis. The portal allows submitting sample use-case applications (Urban Air Pollution, Migration, and Social Networks) through the web portal by following a graphical wizard. If users want to run their custom applications in the portal, they can include a custom workflow in their dashboard with the assistance of the HiDALGO support team. 

The web portal also provides value-added services to customers, which help customers to define and execute workflows. These services are: support with a ticketing tool, matchmaking, a public data management system, co-design experiments, customer training, and a public forum.

In autumn/winter 2020, an update of the HiDALGO Portal with new features will be released.