Motivation & Main Objectives

Our society faces a wide range of global challenges in different areas such as sociology, economy, ecology and technology. Solving the most vital problems in these fields often requires the analysis of a huge amount of data, and the utilization of appropriate methods and facilities for ample computations. In HiDALGO we develop a computational and data analytics environment, which enables systematic collaboration between scientists with different background and facilitates a profound understanding of several major global challenges.

Scientific Goals

In HiDALGO we conduct research and go beyond state-of-the-art in multiple areas. Our scientific goals drive the technology evolution targeted in our project and form the foundation of our business objectives. Specifically, we pursue the following goals:

Technology Evolution

In HiDALGO, we advance HPC, HPDA and AI technologies in order to improve data-centric computation in general. Although we mainly concentrate on three specific pilot applications, the technology baseline we develop in this project can also be extended to other application domains as well. The technology evolution in HiDALGO integrates our scientific objectives into a platform, which documents the success of the individual project developements and generates the required impact to establish a sustainable Centre of Excellence.

HiDALGO Kick-off Meeting Benjamin Mon, 01/21/2019 - 12:09

On the 12th and 13th December the HiDALGO consortium met in Madrid for our kick-off meeting. In this meeting, with representatives from all our partners, we took the opportunity to meet each other in person for the first time, tell each other what we do, and start discussing the steps we will be carrying out during the first few months of the project. We shared our views, information, and knowledge, highlighting that it is important to involve external stakeholders as a way to validate our ideas and to boost the usage of HPC in Europe.


Awareness Creation and Community Support

The work package on awareness creation and community support is one of the cornerstones to guarantee the project success, given that one of the main goals of HiDALGO is to establish a self-sustaining interface between stakeholders and the products intended to face global challenges. Therefore, it is essential that the results achieved in the project are widely disseminated and constitute the basis of further research across scientific and business-oriented communities.


Requirements Evolution and Component Integration

The objectives of this work package are tripartite: first, the requirements for HiDALGO are captured and evaluated in order to form a common ground for developments and a shared baseline between the work packages. Second, this work package is taking care of the implementation of one of the cornerstones of the project, namely the Artificial Intelligence supported workflow.


Centre Implementation and Operation

This work package is responsible for the deployment, operation and maintenance of the HiDALGO Portal and the underlying infrastructure as well as the support infrastructure for customers (in the initial phase Pilot users) of the centre. This WP has a strong relationship with WP3, WP4 and WP6, which interconnect their functionality on different domains. Summarising, the aims and goals for WP5 are:


Pilot Applications

This work package addresses the definition and implementation of the three pilot case studies, which make use of the developments of the technical, but also the business-oriented work packages. The case studies have been selected with the focus on real-world problem statements and their applicability. Consequently, they follow an individual exploitation path but, at the same time, validate the HiDALGO technology and services.