Motivation & Main Objectives

Our society faces a wide range of global challenges in different areas such as sociology, economy, ecology and technology. Solving the most vital problems in these fields often requires the analysis of a huge amount of data, and the utilization of appropriate methods and facilities for ample computations. In HiDALGO we develop a computational and data analytics environment, which enables systematic collaboration between scientists with different background and facilitates a profound understanding of several major global challenges.

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Yani Xue, Miqing Li, Hamid Arabnejad, Diana Suleimenova, Bernhard C. Geiger, Alireza Jahani and Derek Groen

Multiobjective Simulation Optimization for Camp Location Problem in Humanitarian Logistics

Diana Suleimenova, William Low and Derek Groen

An agent-based forced displacement simulation: A case study of the Tigray crisis

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Christoph Schweimer, Christine Gfrerer, Florian Lugstein, David Pape, Jan Velimsky, Robert Elsässer and Bernhard C. Geiger

Generating simple directed social network graphs for information spreading