Motivation & Main Objectives

Our society faces a wide range of global challenges in different areas such as sociology, economy, ecology and technology. Solving the most vital problems in these fields often requires the analysis of a huge amount of data, and the utilization of appropriate methods and facilities for ample computations. In HiDALGO we develop a computational and data analytics environment, which enables systematic collaboration between scientists with different background and facilitates a profound understanding of several major global challenges.

Scientific Goals

In HiDALGO we conduct research and go beyond state-of-the-art in multiple areas. Our scientific goals drive the technology evolution targeted in our project and form the foundation of our business objectives. Specifically, we pursue the following goals:

Technology Evolution

In HiDALGO, we advance HPC, HPDA and AI technologies in order to improve data-centric computation in general. Although we mainly concentrate on three specific pilot applications, the technology baseline we develop in this project can also be extended to other application domains as well. The technology evolution in HiDALGO integrates our scientific objectives into a platform, which documents the success of the individual project developements and generates the required impact to establish a sustainable Centre of Excellence.

The HiDALGO Plenary Meeting happened from 31st May until 2nd June. All project partners were present not only sharing ideas and knowledge, but also discussing about different topics. We opened with a talk about the general status of the project (including administrative aspects, like the project extension) and then we entered in the technical discussions.

HiDALGO researchers Francisco Javier Nieto de Santos and Marcin Lawenda will be available at the virtual booth and for all meeting requests at the upcoming TERATEC online conference, 22-24 June 2021.

The annual 3-days TERATEC is well known as the European meeting to gather simulation and HPC players.

The EU-funded projects HiDALGO and ESIWACE kindly invite you to a joint online workshop on “Tackling Global challenges with HPC, HPDA and simulations” (Wednesday, 7th till Friday, 9th July 2021).

AQ Reanalysis Gyor

This training event started with an introductory talk to provide a view of high-performance data analytics (HPDA) from the HiDALGO perspective. The main concepts were presented, listing the tools that have been used, together with information about benchmarks the consortium have done (as a source of information about their scalability). This introduction also presented how these tools are being applied in HiDALGO, in order to solve different problems.