Upcoming HiDALGO Contributions to two Major HPC Events

The HiDALGO project has several contributions at major HPC and computational science events this year. Besides several talks at ICCS 2020, it has a paper at the same conference with the title "Accurate Simulation of Global Challenges on Data Centers Infrastructures via Coupling of Models and Data Sources". In this paper, we explore ways to bridge the gap between traditional high performance computing (HPC) and data-centric computation in order to provide efficient technological solutions in the domain of Global Challenges (GC). GC simulations in HPC environments give rise to a number of technical questions related to coupling. Being intended to reflect current and upcoming situation for policy-making, GC simulations extensively use recent streaming data coming from external data sources, which require changes in the traditional HPC systems operation. Another common challenge stems from the necessity to couple simulations and exchange data across data centers in GC scenarios. By introducing a generalized GC simulation workflow, this paper shows commonality of the technical challenges for various GC and reflects on the approaches to tackle these technical challenges in the HiDALGO project.

In a poster at ISC High Performance 2020 we present the main challenges we face in the HiDALGO project.

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, both events will be held as video conferences.