HPC and Big Data Technologies for Global Systems



We aim to attract and bring together different stakeholders from the HPC and Big Data arena, from researchers to end users. You will have the opportunity to learn more about advanced HPC, HPDA and AI technologies to improve data-centric computation.

We will introduce the EU project HiDALGO, its Portal and its services. Then we will focus on our three global challenge case studies

Following one of these cases, the urban air pollution case study, in a hands-on part participants will create a workflow with HPC simulations, their visualizations, the corresponding blueprints, and run that from the Portal.

We are highly interested in your opinions and are looking forward to a lively discussion with you!




HiDALGO advances HPC, HPDA and AI technologies in order to improve data-centric computation in the domain of Global Challenges.

HiDALGO is an EU-funded 3-year project involving an interdisciplinary team of 13 partners from seven countries (Dec 2018 – Nov 2021).

Website: https://hidalgo-project.eu
Twitter: @EU_HiDALGO


We apply our agent-based 
simulation framework to predict 
where displaced people will arrive. 
This allows decision makers and 
NGOs to allocate humanitarian
resources accordingly.

Urban Air Pollution

We provide policy makers 
and society with an easy-to-use 
HPC computational tool that
 forecasts air pollution in cities
 with a very high resolution,
1 meter at street level.

Social Networks

We aim to understand the 
spread of messages in social
 networks, to identify false / 
malicious messages and to
develop a highly scalable 
simulation framework.