Hungarian Public Road

Hungarian Public Road (MK) is a national road operator company which is 100% owned by the Hungarian State. MK is responsible for the operation and maintenance of more than 31 000 km national public roads. With regards to its 5500 employees and its economic indicators the company stays within the first ten state owned enterprises in Hungary. The activities of the Hungarian Public Road consist of operation, as well as the routine ant preventive maintenance of the national public road network including expressways and motorways. In addition to that, our company is responsible for the issue of route permits for oversized vehicles, and their control, the provision of trainings for professionals within the entire road sector and the operation of the Road User Information Services, the National Road Database. Besides performing its duties under contract, MK is also committed to social responsibility, the education of environmentally responsible behavior, as well as the improvement of traffic ethics and safety.             

The research group of MK is a very innovative thinking team. Mostly, the participants are working on projects related to Intelligent Transport System. The aim of the people working in HiDALGO is to expand knowledge, improve the overall air quality, both locally and globally, and also to enhance life quality of people in urban areas.

Our Role

MK acts as a sensor data operator within the automotive area for the Pilots. Therefore, MK will provide the legal deployment sites and will take care about the operation and maintenance of the system. In general, data will be offered from the Traffic Light Management System to the simulations, which will be used again to feed the traffic light control again in order to improve the overall air quality. Taking this into account, MK contributes mainly to WP4 and WP6, taking roles in the data integration lifecycle.