Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center

Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) is affiliated to the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences. PSNC serves as an academic HPC centre and a broadband network services provider as well as application and services developer and provider. PSNC employs about 300 people in four divisions: HPC and data infrastructure, networking, applications and networking services.

PSNC is a HPC Center, Systems and Network Security Center as well as R&D Center of Future Internet, e-Infrastructure, Digital Content.  It has an active computer science research group working e.g. on: middleware, tools and methods for HPC and distributed computing, resource management, scheduling, large scale applications, user management and accounting, infrastructure security mechanisms and policies, energy aware scheduling, grid and cloud management tools, HPC and distributed storage architectures.

PSNC is also the operator of Polish National Research and Education Network PIONIER, which is connected to the GEANT2 network, Operator of Poznań Metropolitan Area Network - POZMAN. In particular, PSNC has been for many years strongly involved in supporting the Fusion community through different initiatives like EUFORIA, EGI_Inspire, EURATOM and Eurofusion (nowadays in H2020). It has been coordinating 12 international EU projects (e.g. DORII, RINGRID, GRIDLAB, Phosphorus, Porta Optica, CoolAmAll) and participated in 160+ European and national projects: PRACE, EUDAT, IGE, NEXPRES, EGI_INSPIRE, etc. PSNC is the PSNC-HUAWEI Innovation Center, Microsoft Innovation Center, CUDA Research Centre with NVidia and official Cisco Networking Regional Academy. 

PSNC is a leading HPC center in Poland with its 1,7 PFlops of computing power, 42 PB of online storage and data management infrastructure, providing direct support for the scientific communities in Poland as well as in Europe (e.g. Nuclear Fusion, Astrophysics, Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Nanotechnology). 

The PIONIER network is a nationwide broadband optical network that represents a base for research and development in the area of information technology and telecommunications, computing sciences, applications and services for the Information Society. PIONIER connects 21 Academic Network Centers Centers of Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) and 5 of the HPC centers (participating as third parties in PRACE) using their own fiber connections. Besides the network facilities, PSNC has other significant facilities, especially HPC and storage. PSNC boasts a dedicated data centers (1600 m2) equipped with air and liquid cooling systems, video monitoring, fire protection systems and 24/7/365 monitoring. 

Our Role

As one of the technical core partners of HiDALGO, PSNC contributes to many tasks and work packages. In particular, PSNC leads WP3, which targets the developments of HPC and HPDA components for the Exascale era. Furthermore, PSNC supports the Pilot applications in WP4 and leads the task concerned with HPC technology innovation in order to bridge the gap between software-oriented optimisations and the hardware-oriented Co-Design activity. Finally, PSNC has been appointed as Quality Manager of HiDALGO.