Adaptive Recognition Hungary

ARH is a global leader in developing and distributing recognition software, ANPR cameras and passport readers. Capitalizing on its broad expertise − and always with an absolute commitment to quality - ARH drives innovation in intelligent traffic systems, access control and identity document management. ARH is an independent, owner managed corporation playing a key role in the evolution of automatic license plate reading and ID authentication.

ARH aims to provide technological solutions for improving the security in society through continued development of innovative products and services. As a pioneer in optical character recognition (OCR), the company offers devices, software and integrated solutions for transportation management, identity document reading, authentication and biometrics. ARH Inc. develops, manufactures and offers highly reliable intelligent software and devices that process images and data in the identification and transportation management sectors.

The company's clients are system integrators who develop innovative solutions for their partners by incorporating ARH's state-of-the-art technology. ARH entered the market in 1991, and since the beginning the company has been committed to innovation, quality and reliability. All elements of its business model converge on building strong partnerships by gaining customer satisfaction. ARH puts a special emphasis on supporting its partners with the common goal of developing successful businesses. 
The company's business policy is based on customer understanding, cutting-edge technology, and outstanding quality of support and services. ARH's goal is to meet the needs of its customers and satisfy their demands through combining know-how, expertise and state-of-the art technology with excellent quality of support and services. To date, approximately 2,500 satisfied partners in more than 220 countries worldwide are using the image and data processing know-how of ARH. The company's recognition technologies can be found in very continent, in countries ranging from Australia to Brazil, and from Saudi Arabia to Korea.

Our Role

ARH acts as a sensor provider who will produce and provision the actual sensors to be used. As a direct consequence, ARH also contributes its products and expertise to the data integration task as well as to the real-world sensor data integration activities in WP4.

The following solutions should be a strong and efficient support for the project:

Intelligent ANPR Camera with built-in software

ARH Inc has cameras for use as intelligent sensors for traffic monitoring. Depending on information should be collected, there can be used SmartCAM and SpeedCAM as other special solutions as well. These cameras combine intelligent license plate recognition, data storing and communication capabilities with optionally speed measurement and categorisation radar to form a smart traffic sensor in a single sealed, robust and waterproof unit.

Traffic Monitoring

TrafficSpot® is a single-gantry, multi-lane on-site measurement management system. This intelligent traffic system is designed to monitor a wide range of vehicle attributes in a modular design. It is a network of scalable, complete and fix traffic control points with self-monitoring function, encrypted data communication and several optional add-ons (e.g. DSRC, weather station, S.O.S. telephone, etc.) within one, integrated system. TrafficSpot® automatically recognizes the number plates (ANPR) and optionally measures vehicle dimensions and speed.

Traffic Data Management

Globessey® Data Server (GDS), is a combined data server and middleware that gathers information from different endpoints (TrafficSpot®s) to make them available for various applications (which can be 3rd party solutions as well) through a standardized interface. It comes with a dedicated graphical user interface (GUI), where the operators can manage the processes and can produce statistics. The interface is available via a HTML browser, so there is no need for installation beyond the server.