The purpose of VECMA (Verified Exascale Computing for Multiscale Applications)  is to enable a representative range of diverse multiscale applications  -- from fusion and advanced materials through climate and migration, to personalised medicine -- to run on current multi-petascale computers and future exascale environments in such a manner that their output is deemed to be of high fidelity and, thus, "actionable". That is, the calculations and simulations to be certified as validated, verified and equipped with quantified error bars such that they may be relied upon to take important decisions in the domains of concern. In short, VECMA develops generic verification, validation and uncertainty quantification (VVUQ) approaches for multiscale applications on current tier-0 HPC and emerging exascale machines.

Within VECMA, the central objective is to automate as many stages in VVUQ as feasible for the diverse set of multiscale computing applications deployed in the project, developing generic algorithms and approaches that will carry over to third party multiscale applications, and exploiting the required computational power offered by existing petascale and emerging computing environments.

VECMA and HiDALGO are mutually associated partners: VECMA provides VVUQ infrastructure tools and support to HiDALGO, while HiDALGO provides assistance on visualisation and HPDA for VECMA.

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