This was a very special occasion for a group of HiDALGO researchers in February 2022. Special, since they presented their findings in a real face-to-face lecture at the city library in Stuttgart, south of Germany. The event focussed on public. In order to meet Corona-Restrictions, the hosts live-streamed the event via Youtube to enable more persons to participate. 
The researchers from DIALOGIK and HLRS in Stuttgart presented the HiDALGO project in their talk. Funded by the European Commission, 13 partner organisations are working on the goal of developing models, algorithms and software for high-performance computing to ultimately be able to run powerful simulations. As application examples, the group showed simulations that were being carried out in four thematic areas: 1. migration movements of refugees, 2. air pollution in cities, 3. spread of epidemics such as COVID and 4. information diffusion in social networks. The lecture highlighted growing opportunities as well as barriers that arise. 
As another part, the audience got a chance for a virtual tour to the 3D visualisation laboratory CAVE of HLRS. Here, the researchers presented a practical example from air pollution from selected districts in the city of Stuttgart. The lecture closed with an overview of science communication and the increasing need of a dialogue with public and stakeholders. 
A cooperation of Dialogik gGmbH, HLRS High Performance Computing Centre Stuttgart, project World of Simulation, hosted and chaired by the City Library Stuttgart.