HiDALGO Services

HiDALGO provides several services that are available through the the HiDALGO portal: customer support, a public forum, matchmaking, a public data management system, co-design experiments, and customer training.

We offer both a free and commercial customer support to ensure high quality in resolving issues. The public forum and ticketing tool are the two services to raise the customer issues and track the status of issues online. The HiDALGO forum is available for the community to share their challenges and experiences in public in order to build an active community within the Global System Science (GSS) domain. The HiDALGO ticketing tool is available for resolving the confidential customer issues by ensuring security and privacy to handle the customer tickets by our dedicated support team. If a user requests a new feature or commercial consultation, we offer online face to face consultation from HPC and GSS experts, as well as business teams.

Matchmaking is a service that helps building strong social networks within the HiDALGO community. This service provides suggestions to the users to connect with persons that have similar interests in order to grow their community and follow their activities online.
With the data management system, users can store and share their data within the group. The data can be used in the custom notebook scripts for further analysis and visualisation to access the simple web IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for programmers. JupyterHub is the web IDE used for analysing small and simple data for custom visualisation by using Python and basic data analytics libraries.

Co-design is a service for defining the GSS-HPC benchmark suite to accomplish the benchmarking standards within the GSS and HPC community. Co-design experiments were conducted on the cutting edge HPC systems to analyse the GSS applications’ behaviour and provide recommendations to both hardware and software designers. 

HiDALGO supports free and open-source initiatives by making source codes and training materials publicly accessible. We have been conducting free and commercial trainings to educate the community, increase their awareness, and show the power of HiDALGO’s toolbox in solving customer problems.