Summary from HiDALGO Plenary Meeting (May 31st to June 2nd)

The HiDALGO Plenary Meeting happened from 31st May until 2nd June. All project partners were present not only sharing ideas and knowledge, but also discussing about different topics. We opened with a talk about the general status of the project (including administrative aspects, like the project extension) and then we entered in the technical discussions.

We addressed the topics of scalability of the applications, looking at what how they can scale up today and future plans, as well as the usage of the PRACE resources, among others. We continued with the session about exploitation and sustainability, completing a workshop in which partners discussed about HiDALGO services and stakeholders.

During the second day, we addressed other technical topics, like the usage of 
certain data sources (telecommunication data, Twitter messages, etc.), HPDA methods and the benchmarking of the project codes in several platforms, as well as the progress in visualization with a demo. We completed the day with discussions about the different pilots and the progress they have been doing during the last months, together with the discussing about coupling techniques.

Finally, during the third day, we addressed the usage of resources in HPC systems, the status of development of the HiDALGO Portal and the novel architectures in which we will run benchmarks, as a way to address future challenges. We completed our meeting with discussions about the dissemination aspects (analysing our KPIs, plans and actions), project requirements updates, planned AI methods and components integration.