Talk on "HPC and Big Data as key enablers of the Clean Energy Transition" at the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2021 (EUSEW'21)

The HiDALGO project gave a talk at the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2021 (EUSEW on "HPC and Big Data as key enablers of the Clean Energy Transition".

EUSEW'21 is organized by EoCoE, MaX, HiDALGO, HVL, and FocusCoE.
Talk Abstract: It is becoming increasingly apparent that the future, decarbonized energy ecosystem will rely heavily on extreme computing and data technologies to drive essential innovations in production and storage technologies, mitigate power source variability and manage its distribution via a complex hierarchy of macro- and micro-networks. The drive towards Exascale computing over the next 5-10 years will enable significant step changes in the predictability and management of renewables as their share of the energy mix increases towards 100%.
This talk aims to attract both senior academics and industrial stakeholders in the energy sector. It addresses topics such as planning for energy production from renewable sources, materials design for energy applications and technologies for solving complex systems. There is a large untapped potential in the use of HPC and Big Data as well as valuable expertise in this field in Europe (e.g. see EU-funded Centers of Excellence (CoE) for HPC Applications, This potential remains unexploited by stakeholders partly because of lack of awareness on the technological benefits and partly because of lack of access to suitable expertise and skills. This talk sheds light to the current state of technology advancements and possibilities for HPC infrastructure access.