Dialogik logoDIALOGIK, founded in June 2003, is a non-profit research institute organised in the legal form of a limited company. The institute is located in Stuttgart, Germany, and has 22 staff. As a non-profit research institute, DIALOGIK provides knowledge and expertise to all interested parties and makes its research results public.

Applying mainly discursive methods of research, DIALOGIK investigates complex processes of communication and interaction between science, politics, economy, and civil society. It has special expertise in social scientific approaches and is familiar with methods and advanced techniques of qualitative and quantitative social research. DIALOGIK can profit from a broad array of innovative forms of communication and participative procedures and has accumulated expertise in designing and managing inter- and trans-disciplinary research.

Thematically, the main research fields are Risk Governance, Technology Impacts, Communication Participation and Transformation, and “Building Bridges” (Technology, Science, Society). DIALOGIK has a track-record of more than 130 successful international and national projects.

Funders include the European Commission, Japanese Food Safety Commission, Dept. of Homeland Security (USA), Center for Technology Assessment TA-Swiss, Swiss Federal Office for Energy, German Research Foundation (DFG), German federal and State ministries, German higher federal authorities, German municipalities, and public and private foundations.

Our Role

DIALOGIK acts as a bridging partner between the involved disciplines. Consequently, DIALOGIK oversees the HiDALGO internal community building process and steers its improvements through workshops and direct partner interactions with the goal that the project is as effective as possible from the early beginning on.

With regard to the outside, DIALOGIK leads T 7.2 “Event Management and Collaboration”, in which the HiDALGO consortium will establish a clear plan of collaboration with other projects and research activities that will be financed in the same, but also other initiatives. Also collaboration with commercial stakeholders is foreseen. 

In addition, DIA also undertakes a development role for the Social Media Pilot by analysing the involved messages in a societal and context-wise manner. The outcomes will be directly used by partner PLUS in order to improve the precision of the targeted simulation.

The DIALOGIK team draws on its experience gained in other projects. One specific example is CoeGSS where DIALOGIK lead the internal community building task and extracted lessons learned and recommendations for future projects. Furthermore, the DIALOGIK team draws on its rich experience in a broad array of innovative forms of communication and participative procedures and in designing and managing inter- and trans-disciplinary research.