EXCELLERAT – the Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications – is a single point of access for services and knowledge on how data management, data analytics, visualisation, simulation-driven design and Co-design with high-performance computing (HPC) can benefit engineering, especially in the aeronautics, automotive, energy and manufacturing sectors. The goal of EXCELLERAT is to enable the European engineering industry to advance towards Exascale technologies.

EXCELLERAT and HiDALGO are already successfully collaborating, for instance in the improvement of the Urban Air Pollution Pilot. HiDALGO developed the pilot and asked the EXCELLERAT team for support during the pilot’s application improvement phase. Together they pushed forward the pilot case, as they improved mesh quality, speed-up, and parallel efficiency of the Urban Air Pollution Pilot. This success was efficiently achieved within a few months thanks to the excellent exchange of knowledge and cooperation. Future collaboration on the case study is already planned. Furthermore, the two Centres of Excellence (CoEs) will continue to contribute to or co-organise events of common interest, such as a joint CoEs workshop in January 2021. This will mainly be channeled through their common partner HLRS.

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