Dennis Hoppe (HLRS) and Derek Groen (Brunel) Will Present at SC'20 on Nov 17th

Dennis Hoppe from HLRS and Derek Groen from Brunel will give a presentation at SC'20 - the premier conference for supercomputing - on Addressing Global Challenges with HPC and Big Data Technologies on November 17th.

More information can be found at HLRS Schedule and SC'20

As a society, we are facing several global challenges in fields such as economy, sociology, or ecology; challenges range from predicting and analysing migration flows over urban air quality assessments to social network analytics. These challenges require massive amounts of data to be collected, aggregated, (pre-)processed, and coupled to yield reasonable results for prediction and to discover hidden insights. HiDALGO, a European research project, leverages supercomputing to address these challenges. In this talk, we will highlight the advancements made by HiDALGO, as well as introduce a case study conducted by the Brunel University London to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 and pandemics in general; the computer simulation predicted an inevitable second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic